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Our Global Focus (Glocalisation) put simply – Lakes thinks on a global scale but acts on a local scale allowing unrivalled quality as well as reducing costs but at the same time, not forgetting your local key aspects for success.

A key area which MUST not be overlooked, our Global Focus has come from 36 years of combined experience. This has not just happened overnight. Lake’s knows the market, knows the suppliers and knows where to go and does not set unrealistic timelines.

Our clients expect quality, this cannot be faulted.

  • Sourcing
  • Design, Development & Manufacture
  • Press Checks
  • Quality Assurance
  • Shipping & Air Freight
  • 36 Years Combined Experience
  • Proven Track Record

Global Focus put into play would match a company who has complex jobs resulting in high price or a company looking to run a specific campaign but wants to “go outside the square” with their product to suit their demographic.

It’s a process, its takes time but when done right, results in significant savings and great results for our clients. If you have a product that results in high pricing and you're looking at ways to change this, talk to us and we will provide a solution.