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Lakes packaging solutions ranges from simple die cut paper boxes, complex polypropylene satchels to completely customised promotional packaging products.

When we talk packaging, we think from our client’s perspective. It’s about understanding your market, strategising the concepts and bringing the piece to life.

The packaging world provides endless opportunities. So depending on your volume we can customise your piece to suit a specific campaign or that special time of year.

With our digital packaging choices, we have an array of pre die cut products to suit your specific event or even if you simply wanted to “stand out from the crowd”. These choices are suited for low volume and can come personalised if you want to further engage your audience;

  • Business Card Boxes
  • Wine Cases
  • CD Booklets
  • Golf Ball Trinkets
  • Desk Pen Holders
  • Photo Frames
  • Shelf Wobblers
  • Integrated Cards
  • Fun Flips and many more
  • Your imagination is our solution, the possibilities are endless.