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Print Management put simply is a supply chain solution designed to streamline the ordering process and improve the bottom line of your print component. This is achieved by researching your print category and applying best practice ordering methods.

Print Management is designed to provide your company with a “One Stop Shop Solution” when it comes anything in print. The outcome, approximately 30% cost savings across the spectrum.

What makes Lakes Printers truly unique is whilst we provide Print Management, we are a print manufacturer. Lakes changed its approach as we saw a deficiency in the market where most companies offering these services were simply brokers outsourcing all work to manufacturers and adding their internal costs and mark-ups causing inflated pricing.

Whilst Lakes still outsources some components, we do so by working with trade only suppliers and only specialists in their field. The integrity of your products means a lot to Lakes Printers.

At Lakes, our Print Management Solution is backed by a leading online solution provider.

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