New Direction


2003 saw the revolution into CMYK printing with the purchase of a 4 colour Shinohara 52, a fully computerised and integrated press. It also saw the abolishment of the film process and introduction of Computer to Plate (CTP) technology into Lakes.

2004 saw the entry of two 4th generation Vaughans into the operations and management of Lakes Printers, a remarkable achievement that reflects the solid nature of the business and the community in which it operates.

2008 was a year of strategy and planning. It was a year focusing on retainment and development for sustainability. It was the year of the Global Financial Crisis – a time when a lot of Australian printing companies folded.

2009 saw the implementation of a new Management Information System (MIS) Quote & Print. Coinciding with our plan, it saw a major streamlining of internal quoting and production processes which provided our clients quotes in just minutes.

2011 created a new path for Lakes Printers to focus its attention: digital printing. With this came the purchase of the state-of-the-art, Fuji Xerox 800 – Optional Clear Dry Ink. This machine has truly surpassed all expectations of Lakes Printers and its clients in terms of quality, price and turnaround. This year also saw the implementation of our new chemical-free process for CTP creation.

2012 is a period of further change. Right now, Web-2-Print technology is being implemented ready for a June rollout. Lakes Printers introduced a wide range of Promotional Products to our clients. The Warehousing and Logistics model is being revamped and outsourced to a specialist company carrying out more than 13,000 picks per week and more than 350,000 deliveries per year. Lakes Printers is also pursuing ways of improving the competitiveness of our clients through a global focus which involves sourcing from Thailand, China and the United States.

2013 will open more opportunities to continue to strengthen the business and to improve services to our customers.